We are a young electronics distributing company dedicated to providing solutions, with excellence in logistics and provision, the products we sell, a high quality after sales service.

Logistics y Development Corp is one of the most important emerging suppliers of electronic and computer products in Latin America and we are moving global. Even as a young company we are fated to bring solutions, with excellence in the systematization of your purchase.

We believe that an always satisfied customer with our service is a person who will recommend our company for good . Our focal point is a high-quality service and a permanent availability of products for immediate delivery that will surely give you 100% satisfaction in every way.

Giving you different payment facilities is our goal is to make your shopping fast and convenient, so we work every day to improve and expand our options. We provide a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee as well to make sure that you are getting the products that you paid for.

The content and the service we provide on the website continues to evolve rapidly and we are committed to providing full access to our products and services over the world wide web. Please continue to tune in for more.

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In our listing you can find without difficulty: PC components, smartphones, laptops, consoles, video games, and many more technological products that have served us well when performing the analysis of the best-distributing companies to buy competitively priced products. In addition, different agreements with major Asian manufacturers to provide advantageous conditions allow – for example – weekly express offers, lower prices, or warranty extensions.

Logistics & Development Corp is committed to offering the largest selection of electronic components in stock as well as provide the best possible service to customers. This has enabled the company to grow in the electronic distribution industry in North America , Europe, and Latin America in all categories covering different facets of the business, such as product availability, the speed of service , responsiveness to problems, and much more.

We focus on the customer; our services and support systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers. These systems are reviewed and modified continuously to respond to changes as we work to achieve the maximum level of customer service. Logistics & Development Corp assures your satisfaction for a lifetime because we want you to be always our customer and to be your number one choice.